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AAA Printing's expertise includes complete mailing services for any class of mail. We also offer complete fulfillment services for your products, be they meeting and convention materials or publications. We can help you design your mail piece for the lowest possible postage rates, advising you on optimum size and format for postal automation.

We accept mailing lists as digital files, text, or labels.

AAA Printing customers can save additional cost and time using our mailing permit. Many mid-sized organizations take advantage of our in-house mailing permit, which saves them the trouble and expense of applying for and maintaining their own.

Below are the possible steps involved in providing a mailout.
With AAA Printing, you can do as much or as little as you want.

If you need an estimate or would like to know more about our mailing services, call our mailing department at 601-932-3138.

Warehouse Capabilities

A Very Popular Service with Our Customers!

AAA Printing can provide a complete fulfillment solution using our traditional literature fulfillment service. This service provides high-volume storage of printed materials with same day delivery to clients' locations, to their end clients or prospective clients.

AAA Printing structures the storage, usage, and distribution to support customer requirements including re-order notices so you won’t have to be without. Customers needing just-in-time deliveries, volume pricing, pay as delivered are good candidates for this program.

Tips for Getting the Most From Your Direct Mail Piece...

  • Take advantage of postal discounts. You can fold an 8 1/2" x 11" piece in half and mail it at the 6 1/8" x 11 1/2" business letter rate. Ask us about other suggestions.

  • Decide whether the piece will be inserted into an envelope, pocket folder or recipient's file folder. If it’s to be machine inserted into an envelope the insert must be 1/4" smaller on either side and 1/8" smaller at the flap.

  • Certain papers meet the 7 pt. minimum of postal requirements. These include 80 lb. coated cover, 65 lb. uncoated cover, 7 pt. hi-bulk matte or uncoated, double thickness of 70 lb. coated text and double thickness of 60 lb. uncoated text.

  • Tabbing requirements: Generally, no tabbing is required on a non-letter sized piece (over 6 1/8" high or 11 1/2" long).

  • For letters, only the barcoded portion must be tabbed. Two tabs are applied if the opening is on the bottom or if there are multiple pages. One tab is sufficient if the opening is on the top.

  • Delivery time for bulk mail can be 10 days longer than for First Class mail. Postal rates for First Class mail are higher.

  • Dimensions for a First Class postcard are 3 1/2" X 5" minimum and 4 1/4" X 6" maximum (and at least 7 pt. stock).

  • Dummies are for smart people. Ask us to supply a paper dummy (mock up) of the exact size and weight of paper you are considering.

  • The paper dummy should be shown to your designer and client/marketing people, so that everyone involved has a clear sense of what’s involved.

  • Use post production reviews to help the next job. How did we do? How can we improve?


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