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Send Us a File

When sending large files to us by email or over the Internet, please compress them into a Zip or StuffIt format first.


AAA Printing & Graphics has implemented an FTP site in which to upload files. You will need a login and password, which cannot be publicly posted on our website for security reasons. To receive the login information and instructions, please email or call 601-932-3138.


  • By Web: You can send file attachments 1 GB or less in size to using

  • By Email: You can send file attachments 10 MB or less in size to .

  • By Disk: We accept 3.5" floppies, Zip disks, CDs, and DVD

  • By Mail: Send original items to be scanned and/or printed copy to the address listed on our Contact page


  • QuarkXpress use "Collect for Output"
  • Publisher use "Pack and Go"
  • InDesign use "Package"
  • Compress Files if sending via internet

Document can be saved as Postscript (.ps) or PDF files created using Adobe Distiller.

All graphic files should be at least 300 dpi and provided as TIFF or EPS files.

Full color images and photos to be printed in 4 color process must be prepared in CMYK not RGB. Spot colors should be identified as Pantone colors and be prepared as spot colors.

A PDF or hard copy should be provided so we know what the final piece should look like. Multi-color documents should be submitted as separations if a sample with colors in place cannot be provided.

Microsoft Office applications cannot be color separated within the application. If the documents are to be printed on a printing press, we must use special procedures and tools. We will attempt to match the colors as closely as possible.

We are available to help you in preparing your files. So if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (601) 932-3138.


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